This is a collection of the things and people I admire the most.

Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest Hotel


The camera turned on by itself I am no model


can someone tell me why the fuck d&d have made the choice to have margaery ignorant of joffrey’s murder when the whole fucking point is that she helps plan it to protect herself as well as to give her more leverage over her husband (she would have more control over 8 year old…

Anonymous asked: my boyfriend has never gone down on me and I've never made him, so i addressed him about it today and he'd literally rather never get another bj again than go down on me, & i know for a fact my vagina is clean and usually hairless. So.. What do I do now?


Get a new boyfriend 




who would win in a fight crash bandicoot or spyro the dragon

spyro, definitely. Crash has swag but this will not protect him from spyro’s flame and ram

good thinking


too many ppl liked for jesus and not enough commented for 420 so i got to cum home early and the gang’s all here

Just get me home. Just get me home, I’ll do the rest.